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Agile Product Management Basics – Webinar

This webinar discusses the fundamentals of Product Manager and Product Owner Role in Agile Teams.

Agile development methodologies have the potential to deliver higher-quality software, more quickly and more often.On commercial software projects, product managers are typically responsible for understanding market/customer needs, defining the “right” product, and driving business processes that eventually bring in revenue.

What does a product manager do, and how does this change with agile? Is a product owner different from a product manager? How do up-front requirements relate to customer showcases and frequent user feedback? Rich Mironov will take us through what development managers should know about agile product management. You’ll learn:

  • What product managers do, how agile expands this, and why development teams only see one part of the product management role
  • Why market risks outweigh technical risks
  • Core skills for your product managers and product owners

Rich will draw on a wealth of real-world experience help attendees build more successful, more profitable products.

Presenter: Rich Mironov is considered an expert on agile product management, marketing and pricing. His 30 years in Silicon Valley include product leadership at Tandem and Sybase, executive positions at four software start-ups, and consulting engagements with more than 40 tech companies. He chaired the product management tracks at the Agile 2009 and Agile 2010 conferences, and pioneered the meet-ups known as Product Camps. He is the author of “The Art of Product Management.”

Rich is a Principal at Mironov Consulting, where he consults to technology companies on product strategy, product management and agile transformations.