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Agile Planning and Epics – Webinar

This webinar discusses how to effectively use epics and stories for Agile planning.

For all software development teams, our customers and business partners expect answers to simple sounding, but tough questions:How long will this take? How much will this cost? When will I get this feature?

Traditional product planning and project management methodologies seek to answer those important questions, but what about agile methods? In this webinar we will explore the foundational components of agile planning such as the product backlog, velocity, and the release plan.Special emphasis will be placed on how epic user stories and a healthy level ambiguity lets us answer those questions and deliver the most important features sooner.

Presenter: Gary , is a Principal Consultant with Improving Enterprises. He entered the craft in 1986 and has played roles from Analyst Programmer to educator to CIO. Gary’s passion is centered in forming and nurturing high-performance teams, and he has found agile methods to be the perfect companion.