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Agile Leadership: Want To Change Your Results? Change How You Lead – Webinar

Life today is crazy. The pace is frenetic. The competition is fierce. We have to move fast but flawlessly. We swim in a sea of uncertainty and long-range planning might mean sorting out next week or next month. In an environment like this, it is possible to go from “Good to Great to Gone.” Through all of this, the one proven path to success is leadership. But not the traditional, accepted leadership model. Rather a leadership model that recognizes that the primary role of today’s leader is to create a culture of trust and ownership.

In this session, Niel Nickolaisen talks about the power of this leadership model and provides specific methods for creating a culture of trust and ownership. Niel covers:
1. How to create a culture of trust including trust first, metrics, and the role of agile in building trust.
2. How to create a culture of ownership including knowing what to own, decision-making success, and the concept of a cultural “container.”

About the presenter:
Niel Nickolaisen is the Chief Technology Officer at OC Tanner. He also co-authored “Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility” which gives you the agile leadership tools you’ll need to achieve breakthrough levels of performance.
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