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Agile for Mobile App Development – Webinar

This webinar discusses 3 Agile techniques that are particularly applicable for Mobile applications development.

Smartphones are quickly becoming the compute platform of choice. With all the rich capabilities available in mobile platforms like iPhone and Android, new and innovative software applications are being developed every day. In addition, various existing enterprise applications are making available mobile client interfaces.

While common principles of Agile development are fully applicable to mobile application development, there are some additional techniques which are particularly more powerful for teams doing mobile application development.

In this Webinar, we will discuss three Agile techniques specific to developing mobile application software:

  • Hyper-Prototyping has similar goals as rapid prototyping, but is characterized with much faster development cycles, shorter feedback loops, and heavy collaboration. Hyper-Prototyping can result in numerous development cycles every day. In effect, it is rapid prototyping on steroids.
  • Community Code Scrounging is the discovery and use of source code snippets and examples available on the internet from the software community at large. In effect, it becomes a new agile development paradigm  but not without a few warnings!
  • User Design Studio is a new agile technique which addresses the challenge of quickly designing a product user interface (UI) under the constraints of compressed schedules and short iterations. Imagine collaboratively developing the best UI design possible in a single day!


Hemant Elhence is CEO of Synerzip. Prior to Synerzip, Hemant was Product-line Vice President at i2 Technologies and Manager at McKinsey & Co.

Michael Hall is a Synerzip Agile Coach and Trainer, CEO and founder of Three Beacons. Michael is a Certified ScrumMaster and has over 20 years of practical experience leading software teams, 10 of those years using agile methods.