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Michael Hall

Michael Hall is an accomplished Agile Methods trainer and Certified Scrum Master. He is considered an expert at integrating transformative practices such as Agile Methods and disciplined quality into existing corporate cultures. Michael has developed and delivered training on Agile Methods through workshops, tutorials, and speaking engagements. As an early adopter, his practical experience with Agile Methods spans over 8 years. Michael was trained by the inventor of Scrum, Ken Schwaber.

Michael has over 20 years of practical experience leading and transforming both small and large teams to successful commercial product delivery at companies such as WorldLink, Samsung, ESI, Nortel Networks, and E-Systems. Ten of these years involved collaborative offshore outsourcing with development teams located in India and Korea. Michael was part of the leadership team that established Nortel India in Borivali, India as a joint partnership with Tata Consulting Services during the seminal days of offshore outsourcing.

This practical project development and offshore outsourcing experience gives Michael an excellent base of real-world knowledge and an insightful understanding of solutions when combining Agile Methods with distributed and outsourced teams.


Michael Hall

Agile Methods Coach/Trainer

The Synerzip Difference

It’s not every company that has its own Cricket Team
That’s what you’ll find as a member of the Synerzip team

We pride ourselves on hiring talented people, paying well and retaining and nurturing our talent. Since the work we do is interesting and involves the latest technology, we benefit from a low turnover. Many of our employees have been with us since we began in 2004.

Since our employees are our biggest asset, we create an environment where we’re all able to perform at our best, be it working from home or an onsite table-tennis match. We know that happy employees result in great work, so we provide a fun environment, encouraging people to grow in their career while also providing an appropriate work-life balance.

We take every opportunity to nurture and grow employees by involving them in professional activities beyond their full-time client engagements. Everyone is encouraged to explore new technologies, be it by developing prototypes or participating in conferences.


Headquartered in the US, Synerzip has its development center in Pune, India.  We have more than 450 developers in our state-of-the-art facility, where we hire the best people to do great work.


Start your career with Synerzip

At Synerzip, we pride ourselves on hiring talented people, paying well and retaining and nurturing our talent. Happy employees result in great work. That’s why Synerzip provides a fun environment. We encourage our employees to grow in their career beyond their full-time client engagement and offer an appropriate work-life balance. Plus, we do interesting work involving the latest technology. Interested? Start your career with Synerzip today.