Designing and delivering highly scalable and accurate presentation import web servicestory

Industry: Office Productivity Summary: Synerzip’s client supports more than 200 million users around the world with software that creates visually appealing, fully zoomable presentations, providing the ability to show relationships between the big picture and finer details. The superior presentation help users organize their thoughts and deliver them in more engaging manner by amplifying the [...]

MS Office File Reading and Writing Librarystory

Industry: Office Productivity Overview: Synerzip’s client Quickoffice is the worldwide leader in mobile office solutions, which got acquired by Google in June 2012. Their flagship, award-winning software allows mobile users to view, edit and create Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on their mobile/Desktop devices. Synerzip’s Role: Synerzip developed the Java APIs for reading and [...]

Geospatial Solutions Providerstory

Industry: Geospatial mapping, modeling and management Summary: Synerzip’s client supplies geospatial data for organizations, creating actionable information through a diverse portfolio of advanced imaging and remote sensing technologies. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are vital in many applications, from habitat assessment and land use planning to regulatory compliance, engineering design, and disaster preparedness. Synerzip’s Role: Our [...]

Trackr – A wifi utility to monitor Temperature & Humiditystory

Synerzip encourages employees to learn and grow in order to be on top of new technologies. A Synerzip employee used his time between clients to develop an app to monitor temperature and humidity in an office over wifi. trackr is an application that helps in measuring and monitoring the temperature and humidity of any location(s) [...]

System Information App on Chrome Increases Productivitystory

A Synerzip client needed a centralized view of all system-level information on a regular basis. Without it, testing teams needed to open multiple windows, check computer settings and help files, and more to collect the necessary information. That took extra time and effort. Synerzip’s Role: Synerzip developed a Chrome extension called System Information. Chrome users, [...]

Securing Web Applicationsstory

Web applications are computer programs that are accessed over a network such as the internet or an intranet. Increased information sharing through social media channels and wide use of the internet as a means of doing business and delivering services, has been one of the reasons for websites or web applications being attacked directly. Recent [...]

Travel Industry Scheduling Systemstory

In the travel and airline industry, Synerzip has expert level domain knowledge on the following: IATA’s SSIM, ASM/SSM, SCR protocols CodeShare, wet-lease, interline partner agreements between Airlines OTA (Open Travel Alliance) web service protocols Domain knowledge over hotels, flights, cars, product development SOA architecture for developing travel and hospitality products GDS integration with Airlines Synerzip’s [...]

Lifecycle Management Solutionsstory

Synerzip was hired as the offshore vendor and the only expectation was to complete the coding assignments and report the status, ETA of pipeline on a daily basis. Essentially, the work involved was purely coding. The team was comprised in the dual shore model. The team is responsible for the downstream activity of Extract Transform [...]

OOXML Tool – an editor and debug toolstory

Synerzip encourages employees to learn and grow in order to be on top of new technologies. A Synerzip employee used his time between clients to solve the issue of analysing, editing and comparing OOXML documents and built a utility called “OOXML Tools”. Office Open XML (OOXML) is an XML-based file format used for representing word [...]

Performance Management Systemstory

A Synerzip client provides performance management systems for hundreds of hospitals, health systems and medical practices around the world, tracking operational, clinical and financial results. Its web-based evaluation application automates the goal-setting and performance-review process, while ensuring that each leader’s performance metrics are aligned with the company’s goals and weighted to the individual’s priorities. After [...]

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