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Tara Long, Design Manager, PDX


About Client –

PDX is a leading provider of healthcare technology for over 30 years to nearly 10,000 pharmacies nationwide, our 650 person team of developers, design architects, and customer support representatives address the rapidly changing role of pharmacists. The products and services are designed to help drive operational results for our customers while improving outcomes for patients.

Highlights of the testimonial

  • Team in Synerzip Pune is able do excellent UX design work quite effectively, in spite of the fact that the pharmacy industry in India is dramatically different than what it in the US.
  • Synerzip team is dedicated, hardworking & passionate. And, Tara has been working with this team for 7+ years!

Key Points

  • 7 years association
  • Design review & solutions
  • Overcame challenges with pharmacy differences in the US vs India
  • Understand the US pharmacy regulations & complexities
  • Work effectively & no re-work
  • Good understanding of the end user’s behavior in application usage
  • Hardworking, dedicated, passionate
  • Constantly strive to do the best



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