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System Information App on Chrome Increases Productivity

A Synerzip client needed a centralized view of all system-level information on a regular basis. Without it, testing teams needed to open multiple windows, check computer settings and help files, and more to collect the necessary information. That took extra time and effort.

Synerzip’s Role:

Synerzip developed a Chrome extension called System Information. Chrome users, developers and test engineers can easily capture system-level information for testing and/or IT support activities.

Challenges and Solutions:

The Synerzip team investigated the problem and developed a new app, using the navigator and Chrome-specific API to capture the information. It is displayed with a basic, clean interface that depicts system-level details in a simple popup that can be copied and pasted for further use.


The new app sits on the top bar and with a single click, shows current information about the Operating System, Chrome browser details, CPU details and memory details. It’s available for download at the Chrome App Store. Many users are saving time and increasing productivity by capturing data instantly. Here’s a typical user review from the Chrome store: Perfect app, instant info on the fly! Thanks!

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