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Sumana Sareddy, Dell

Dell has been in partnership with Synerzip for the last 5 years. Synerzip is a great company. We have partnered with them for the Quality Testing of our security products. Synerzip has done a great job in testing these products by doing different kinds of testing such as functional testing, system testing, etc.

At the beginning of our partnership, we gave the team training of our products and they understood the directions and release cycles well. The team executes the test plans independently and comes up with relevant questions if needed. The Synerzip team does a great job by analyzing the products, asking product requirements and meeting the schedules as expected.

The Synerzip team is very stable. We have people on our team who started with us 5 years ago, who have grown with the team. Its great to have the same team with whom we started.

Recently we visited the India Development Center and met the team. We were all very excited to meet each other. The leadership team was very welcoming. The work environment in Synerzip is very flexible, laid back and nice. The team can handle the work pressure and stress very well.

The Synerzip team has done a great job for us and Synerzip is a great company to work with!

Details of technologies used: QA – Manual testing, Localization testing, Security testing, System testing Database – Sql server 2008, 12 OS – Windows 7,8,8.1 ,10, Linux, windows Server 2008, 12, MAC Mobile edition : Android, iOS Test case management tool – Qmetry. Defect tracking tool – Jira


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