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Steve Newson, Global Vice President, Systems Engineering, Vocera

Vocera’s journey with Synerzip

Vocera partnered with Synerzip in 2018 to extend the capabilities of the Vocera platform. The focus was specifically on the development of the Staff Assignment module and the Messaging Console. Staff Assignment Module helps in assigning a particular staff member to a particular hospital room/role and displays the run time status on the Dashboard. Synerzip team developed the initial framework using Angular 8 and RxJs and implemented end-to-end flow by creating REST web services to support these modules.

Messaging Console helps the hospital staff to communicate with each other, having secure HIPAA compliant text messaging inside and outside the hospital and could be used on iPhones, Android devices, and in popular browsers. Synerzip team used Angular 8, NgRx to implement the Messaging Console module. Synerzip’s agile best practices and high quality of code impressed Vocera.

After the initial discussion, the first draft of User Experience that came up for the virtual hospital room just blew me away. The team anticipated things about the hospital environment more than I could have expected. – Steve Newson, Global VP, Systems Engineering, Vocera.

Last year in 2019, Vocera needed to enhance the user experience of their Vocera Platform and mobile applications. The end-users of their mobile apps could see the application workflow on the mobile, but could not understand where the system alerts and alarms originated from. Given the great partnership with Synerzip on the ongoing project, executive management extended its relationship for the new initiative.

At Vocera HQ they have developed an Experience Center to get the exact feel of the hospital room and activities within. This has everything a hospital room could have – hospital bed, hospital equipment, dummy patient, connected hardware, etc. The system in the Experience Center interacts with the patient, its surrounding equipment, plus the connected physical hardware, and generates alerts and alarms, as they would be created in the real-world. This real-world experience is what Vocera needed to virtualize for their end-users.

Enriched on-going experience with Synerzip

Synerzip team rapidly understood and researched Vocera’s initial requirements and helped them virtualize the patient experience in the hospital room. The team depicted the exact interactions between the application software plus hardware, and the generation of system alerts, alarms, text, and voice messages from the nurses to the doctors and vice versa. 

Synerzip team’s forward-looking workflows made regional localization (Australia, UK) a smooth activity. 

The breadth and depth of technical abilities that Synerzip brings on the table, along with the UX work done by them for this project exceeded my expectations! –  Steve Newson, Global VP, Systems Engineering, Vocera.

As of 2020, Synerzip continues its work on developing the “Vocera Federation Broker”, a cloud-based AWS solution to expand the reach of Vocera solutions to caregivers across organizations, and “Vocera Simulator”, the browser-based simulator to virtualize the physical hospital room, which the end-user could experience.

This work involves advanced 3D graphics with animations, supports screencast of Mobile (Android and iOS) and Vocera Badge to the Simulator and VOIP call receiving functionality. 


About Client

Vocera Communications, a publicly-traded California based company, is a recognized leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions.

Vocera’s mission is to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients while enabling hospitals to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency by offering intelligent and integrated communication solutions in Healthcare.

The Vocera Platform is an intelligent ecosystem that connects all the people and information needed to deliver optimum patient care. As of now, Vocera supports 1,850+ hospitals and health systems worldwide, to enable care teams to text securely using smartphones or make calls with hands-free, wearable Vocera Badge. 

In addition to healthcare, Vocera is at home in luxury hotels, aged care facilities, retail stores, schools, power facilities, libraries, and more. Vocera solutions enable mobile users (patients, nurses, doctors, caregivers) in the hospitals to be safer and more effective by helping them to connect instantly with other people and access resources or information quickly. Vocera has made it to the list of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America.

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