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Rick Kuhlman, Product Manager, Invodo

“We work with Synerzip on a project for a player to build embed code, wherein the code can be easily embedded on landing pages on blogs or websites. We started by giving a very simple high level requirements document to the Synerzip team.  It was not very detailed, just like an overview.

The Synerzip team was able to synthesize those requirements into usable technical documentation, which was achieved with quality back and forth communication. They ultimately gave a great end result that we could immediately use to deploy into our systems and essentially ramp up a new feature in our player, by giving just one-two page feature requirement for our player … that was really powerful!

The Synerzip team has great communication skills so we have very effective back and forth communication. They take high-level details from us and come back with questions that make sense. They really sifted out what the end result of the details needed to be. No detailed technical specifications were given to the team, but they researched for solutions, and gave us the analyzed inputs. Together we came up with what needed to be incorporated. The Synerzip team was able to do comprehensive research and come to us with value propositions on how to fix the issues.

The final code delivered was in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We had two big code blocks and both went through our strict code reviewers and QA processes.  The code passed the first time, as it was very well done, which was great!

We have a stringent code review process and, for most part, the code developed by the Synerzip team passed with flying colors.  We were able to take the code directly for deployment!”


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