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Peter Swanson, CEO, 501ops

About Client

  • 501ops brings best-in-class technology & service to your nonprofit.
  • Synerzip worked with 501ops to choose AWS as the cloud platform on which to build cloud-based, Case Management Software for Social Service Nonprofits.
  • 501ops works as a back office for nonprofit organizations – a hybrid between a technology company & a services company.

Highlights of the testimonial

“Partnering with Synerzip helps us build the best product for our clients.”

“The Synerzip Team uses cutting-edge technology & innovation.”

Remaining key points of the testimonial

  • Locally and with previous offshore dev companies, we had trouble finding high-quality developers.
  • 501ops has a wide range of technology needs; bringing that all in-house is too costly.
  • When we need specific technologies on a short-term basis, Synerzip is flexible and able to provide it easily.
  • Synerzip team has been pro-active, it’s not just about building & running code.
  • Synerzip team has been pro-active in product development & Agile best practices.
  • Synerzip team introduces cutting edge innovation.
  • Partnering with Synerzip helps us build best product for us, not just for billable hrs.
  • The Synerzip team has helped make cost-effective decisions enabling us to do it right the first time.
  • The overall experience with Synerzip is great.
  • Synerzip is a great company & is very receptive. + Great experience to work with the entire team.
  • Professionalism, understanding client’s needs, scoping it out & meeting deadlines has stood out above all.
  • The comfort of having a robust technical backend has helped us scale up & serve our clients well.
  • The time zone difference enables us-as a small company-work 24×7.
  • The 24×7 work schedule limits the impact of development time for our clients.
  • Synerzip employees are all proficient in English which makes any language barrier non-existent.

Technologies used: AWS elastic compute cloud, aws RDS, AWS S3 , WAF, Cloudwatch, SNS, AWS cloudfront, PHP, Angularjs.

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