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Performance Management System

A Synerzip client provides performance management systems for hundreds of hospitals, health systems and medical practices around the world, tracking operational, clinical and financial results. Its web-based evaluation application automates the goal-setting and performance-review process, while ensuring that each leader’s performance metrics are aligned with the company’s goals and weighted to the individual’s priorities. After an initial one-month trial period, the client opted to continue with Synerzip for a long-term assignment.

Synerzip’s Role:

Synerzip stepped in to develop and test the web-based evaluation application, communicating with the client team daily to understand the requirements and document them in SSRS server-based report generating software. The development included analyzing and implementing the requirements, and migrating the product to Asp.net MVC architecture. The Quality Assurance team created test cases and test plans simultaneously, and used SOAP UI for performance benchmarking. Synerzip engineers also provide Second Line and Third Line support to the client’s end users.

Challenges and Solutions:

After the client had an unsatisfactory experience with the previous software vendor, there was no handover or knowledge transfer, but the Synerzip team took ownership of the project. The team built a multi-tenant system, using SSRS 208 for user-friendly reports, charts and trend graphs, and storing all data in a single database. The SSIS package allows the admin to import scores through Excel files. Our Business Intelligence analytics builds a data warehouse on top of the product database, constructing multi-dimensional cubes to add a time dimension over the leader’s scores and goals.


We successfully delivered three releases of the web-based application. The Synerzip team also has developed two entirely new products for the client:

  • An evaluating tool for physicians

  • A tool to facilitate meetings between the Leader and the Manager. It helps track the Leader’s goals and progress.

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