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Param Vora, Founder – OpenSilo

We are a San Francisco based Tech startup and we needed a co-development partner that we could trust.  We needed to give our high level goals to a new partner, which they could break into low level tasks and give results. We had high level of validations from customers and we needed to deliver them…that’s where Synerzip helped!

Synerzip’s team is talented.  Their entire team of executors and architects are the best; and the right balance of the team members helped us achieve our goal. Synerzip’s value in finding the right talent, training them and converting them into productive resources has helped us a lot. We are very happy to have partnered with Synerzip! The team has absolutely matched our expectations and is at-par with the US talent. We were able to scale the team much more quickly than we would have been able to do with a local team.

Synerzip’s team is highly agile in being Agile! The way the team has evolved is very good. In spite of frequent demos and change in sprints, they have switched on and off to give results. The team’s agility has helped us a lot to achieve our goals.

Synerzip was able to provide immense value to us as an early stage startup!


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How Can Synerzip Help You?

By partnering with Synerzip, clients rapidly scale their engineering team, decrease time to market and save at least 50 percent with our Agile development teams in India.