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Michael Biggerstaff, Dir of Eng, Metal Networks

Metal Networks offers a software platform as a “market exchange” for buying and selling metals.

Synerzip’s Role

Synerzip helped Metal Networks in developing new features for their legacy application, also helped streamline the product requirements. The team refactored the main flagship product by converting JQuery to AngularJS from scratch and helped in converting PHP code to Java 7. Synerzip also developed an automation framework and automated the testing of the legacy and new applications. This helped the client build the infrastructure for continuous integration.

Key Points

  • Synerzip works as a cross functional team with Dev, QA and automation engineers, which is a good mix.
  • The Synerzip team was engaged & committed to solving technical problems. They asked questions when in doubt and had good communication skills.
  • The Dev team did an excellent job and got high marks for clean code.
  • The team had a number of good producers and did an excellent job.
  • Metal Networks is impressed with the development quality of Synerzip.

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