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Mark Haney, CTO – ExamSoft

ExamSoft, a leading provider of education assessment solutions, helps institutions improve student learning with secure assessment software technology.  With over 1,600 current clients and more than 55 million exams delivered to date, ExamSoft is a trusted leader in computer-based testing and assessment technology. They have a proven history of delivering both high- and low-stakes exams in a secure and stable environment. 

Examsoft wanted to provide it’s students a secure exam delivery solution that could be accessed in any classroom, lab etc., – an application that would untether the students and require no internet. Examsoft partnered with Synerzip’s QA team to accelerate it’s go to market and help overcome it’s budgetary and resource constraints. 

Synerzip’s QA pushed Examsoft’s QA levels above anything they had observed in the past. The team continuously pushed best practices and came up with new ideas and suggestions. 

“Partnering with Synerzip has helped us considerably on reducing cost and has given us the advantage of 24×7 development cycles.”

Mark Haney
CTO, ExamSoft

A growing majority of ExamSoft students were replacing their laptops with iPads. ExamSoft had legacy solutions only for desktops and laptops, which they built using .NET. Synerzip’s iOS team partnered with Examsoft to build an iOS app called SofTest–M –  a native client for the iPad version using XCode IDE, in Objective-C and Cocoa Touch framework. The entire development cycle involved preparing the basic Architecture, Design, Workflow, Cocoa coding, Unit tests, Continuous Integration (CI) builds and automated code documentation.

The iOS team at Synerzip quickly gained knowledge about the ExamSoft product, and the domain so they could go beyond just developing features to delivering a more holistic solution that would meet the needs of Examsoft’s users. Synerzip’s team ensured that the SofTest–M app was developed both from the schools point of view, as well as the student’s point of view

Synerzip team ensures the apps are continuously monitored for its performance and to detect any kind of security breach. The app is tested in such a way that it would not lose any data in case of a power outage, forced shut down or other possible scenarios executed by the student and it would revoke back to the last state of the app (exam). If the application detected a malicious activity or any student tried to breach the security, then the exam would pause and an alert message will be displayed. 

“Synerzip has proven to be a great software product co-development partner. Synerzip is a leader because of its great culture, its history and its employee retention policies. ExamSoft’s clients are happy with the product and that’s how ExamSoft measures that all is going well.”

Mark Haney
CTO, ExamSoft

As of 2020, Synerzip’s partnership with Examsoft continues to thrive for 7+ years.


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