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Kristin Brown, CEO, Concishare

About client: Concishare is a marketplace application connecting guests with hospitality providers anywhere in the world. Concishare provides luxurious hotel experiences in the comfort of your ‘home away from home.

Synerzip’s role: Synerzip helped build a mobile app that brings hotel services to the vacation market.

Key Points:

  • We’ve worked together for over 7 months and it’s been a great experience.
  • A mutual contact connected me with Synerzip, and I loved the ideas they demonstrated.
  • The developers did quick builds and sprints that satisfied my needs.
  • Due to the honesty and integrity, the alignment was there.
  • Synerzip has proven to be an awesome company to partner with.
  • I considered hiring locally, but the timing of meeting Synerzip and their management was perfect for our product.
  • Synerzip came from a great recommendation.
  • There’s a significant cost saving as Synerzip is very efficient.
  • Creating something faster and on time adds value to a startup.
  • The timezone difference caused no issues.  Everyone was flexible.
  • I appreciate the team’s sincerity and dedication.
  • The Synerzip team is there for you…this gives a sense of peace.
  • We experienced no communication issues.
  • It’s beautiful that the two cultures come together to create a great product.
  • It’s been a phenomenal experience working with Synerzip.
  • With guidance, input and direction, this was so much more than a development team – it is a partnership.

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