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Justin Vallejo, Product Manager, Invodo

Client Summary: Invodo specializes in beautiful, product-centric video and visual content for retailers, manufacturers & ecommerce space online.

Technologies used: 

  • AWS – EC2, RDS, Redshift, SQS, SNS, Cloudwatch
  • Databases – MySQL, Postgres, AWS Redshift
  • Frontend – Javascript/AngularJS
  • Backend – Java, Scala
  • Scripting – Ruby, Python
  • Test Automation – Groovy/Geb/Spock, JS/Jasmine/Protractor
  • CI/CD – Jenkins, Teamcity
  • BI – GoodData
  • ETL – Advanced SQL

Key points:

  • Working with Synerzip team for multiple years.
  • Working with permanent team of 3, brought them on as part of our engineering team.
  • The team is taking over responsibility of development and maintenance of the platform.
  • Timezone difference is no problem, working sessions are organized to be convenient for both teams.
  • Changes addressed during overlap time period, then teams carry out the work.
  • Both teams later re-sync during that overlap time period.
  • Time zone difference has not caused any issues in terms of working together on ongoing development.
  • We provide thorough requirements for any pieces of development.
  • Requirements are discussed as a team, then the request is carried out.
  • Product manager can rely on team, engaged mainly when verifying and deploying the changes.
  • Synerzip team is good at gaining understanding of the requirements, carrying out the work, then doing quality assurance and testing.
  • No micromanagement is needed.
  • Output is high quality and in alignment with established guidelines.
  • Once the Synerzip team understood client’s software and guidelines, team could push new features, improvements, fixes.
  • New features, improvements, fixes are useful to get good user experience.
  • Team puts out high quality code that improves the user experience.
  • No concern of team instability because project manager understands everyone’s roles and their areas of expertise.
  • Team members are readily available.

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