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Herman Spencer, Director of Engineering, Quickoffice

Quickoffice Inc., founded in 1997, is the global leader in mobile and Google Chrome office productivity solutions. By 2012, Quickoffice was adding an astounding 60,000 new users per day, nearly two million per month. Quickoffice rapidly expanded the scope of its productivity solutions to include Quickoffice Pro / Pro HD (iOS and Android) and Google Chrome Office extensions to address the growing enterprise mobility and Chromebook opportunities. Quickoffice software was installed in over 300 million devices in 180 countries.

(Update: Quickoffice was acquired by Google in June of 2012. As of June 2014 Quickoffice has been integrated into Google Docs, Sheets and Enterprise apps. Synerzip continues its engagement with Google.)

Quickoffice needed mobile development across various mobile platforms like Windows and Apple’s mac and had less than a year to develop a product from conception to release. Their challenge was to find a partner with great technical acumen that was not only competent, but was also committed to the project as well as owning the product and its results.

Quickoffice partnered with Synerzip in 2009, initially to build a synching engine that worked across mobile platforms (Apple, Mac and Windows). Herman Spencer, Director of Engineering, calls Synerzip team as the 3rd generation of Engineers, experts in agile programming and mobile technologies, who focus on processes and timelines, without compromising quality. 

“They possess a great technical acumen with a burning desire to solve problems. The team always takes initiative and ownership in all the processes they follow. Synerzip has played a vital role in our scaling up and was a perfect partner in terms of cost, efficiency, and schedules.”

Herman Spencer
Director of Engineering, Quickoffice

Since then, Synerzip team partners to  develop the following for Quickoffice – 

  • Google Chrome Office – a native office file viewer & editor for Chrome books & Chrome browser (as an extension) 
  • Connect by Quickoffice – a cross platform (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS), multi-user collaboration suite
  • Java Core API – backend for Google Docs
  • Quickoffice Pro/Pro HD (Android – Retail & OEM) –  a productivity suite on Android offering mobile users a comprehensive native MS office compatible solution on their smartphones & tablets. 

“Without Synerzip, we wouldn’t have delivered, regardless of time & price. Synerzip is a perfect partner for Quickoffice, now Google.”

Herman Spencer
Director of Engineering, Quickoffice

As of 2020, Synerzip’s partnership with Quickoffice (now Google) continues to thrive for 10+ years and team is handling maintenance of Word, Point and Sheet products, migrating off from Custom Element V0, HTML imports and ShadowDOM V0, QO & Office Editing Mode Association and EWOK screenshot generation and verification.


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