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Geospatial Solutions Provider

Summary: A client approached Synerzip needing help with geospacial mapping, modeling and management.  Synerzip’s client supplies geospatial data for organizations, creating actionable information through a diverse portfolio of advanced imaging and remote sensing technologies. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are vital in many applications, from habitat assessment and land use planning to regulatory compliance, engineering design, and disaster preparedness.

Synerzip’s Role: Our team is developing Quantum Platform, a software that tracks geographic locations and analyzes them for any obstacle. For example, if growing trees obstruct power transmission lines, the image makes the client aware of a possible problem.

Challenges and Solutions: Synerzip’s Development and Operations team needed to acquire domain knowledge, surmount technical challenges and master scripting and coding to create automation scripts. Its code creates Dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) with the latest code and installs them on client machines.


The DevOps team provides these functions for the client:

  •      Setting up and configuring servers for Windows and Mac
  •      Setting up and configuring the testing and quality assurance environment
  •      Managing continuous integration and builds
  •      Setting up automated deployment and replicating the setup on the client’s cloud images

Technologies Used: JavaScript, .NET, SQL, Fogbugs, Powershell, Batchscript, Jenkins (Win), BOT (iOS), GIT

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