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Gabriel Davidov, VP Product & Operations, iTOi

iTOi is the brand name for the technology products produced by Orangeberry Corporation, the parent company and developer of the “iTOi Video Booth” that employs advanced visual optics that enable iPad tablet users to focus on the screen image and the front-facing camera simultaneously.

Synerzip’s Role

Synerzip team replaced old WordPress website with new static page website (https://seeitoi.com). The UX team defined a new approach with guided research to enhance overall user experience by increasing usability and availability of most relevant information about products and subscriptions. UX team created a flow of information which was relevant from the landing page to payment-processing page, also making a lean Information architecture. Usability was further enhanced with added features of saving cart stats, every time a user takes action.

Key Points

  • Synerzip was highly recommended to iTOi by a friend due to previous work experience.
  • iTOi struggled with their previous website and needed a new one which was modern and smarter.
  • Synerzip team was able to understand iTOi’s services, their key benefits and were able to communicate the message through the new website.
  • Synerzip UX/UI team simplified the website focusing more on iTOi’s services, making it clean and elegant, which gave a high quality look and feel.
  • The team was self-reliant and had meetings once a week.
  • Synerzip UX team communicated ideas well and were responsive.
  • Team took feedbacks and incorporated those into the website for a better user experience.
  • Synerzip has a very stable UX team, which produced high quality UX work and were great on meeting tight deadlines.

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