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Drew Macomber, CEO and Caroline Yoder, Product Manager, ReCirc

Recirc is a platform that makes it easy for people to rent things from others in their neighborhood.

If you have something valuable in your closet or garage that doesn’t get used every day, list it on Recirc’s platform in just a few clicks. If you have a project you’d like to jump into, do a quick search on our platform to find someone in your neighborhood with the tools you need.

Owners and renters don’t need to bother coordinating schedules or planning meet ups. We have a centrally located Recirc Hub location all set up to handle drop offs and pick ups.

Recirc is all online, so they needed a qualified team to build a robust platform that is safe and easy for its members to use.

Key Points:

  • Recirc: People renting from people.  Own less, access more.
  • Affordable cost and architecture knowledge made offshore an easy choice.
  • Synerzip was able to put together a team around our product’s needs.
  • Huge cost savings: could only afford a very small local team vs. large knowledgeable team offshore.
  • Synerzip team was very knowledgeable , but were also able to arrange players as our needs changed.
  • Team members were very easy to talk to, very accessible.
  • The team work flowed very easily.
  • Communication throughout the project was very easy and conversational.
  • Regarding timezone differences, most accommodations happened on India side.  They made it very easy.
  • Management styles gelled easily.  They were very self-managed.  Upheld Agile philosophy.
  • Self delegation and collaboration made the project flow easily.
  • In hindsight, I learned a lot.  It was a great overall experience.
  • Synerzip = really good people.  Integrity flows from top down.
  • Team is driven by learning the latest technologies.

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