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Client Experience Report – Telco Lifecycle Management

This customer is a leader in the TELCO lifecycle management solutions. It offers software solutions to manage telecommunication needs like device and accessories selection for wired and wireless services.

The solution is featured to bring in place noticeable cost reduction by analyzing usage trends and thereby reducing usage cost of voice, data and other communication services like paging, tale-conferencing, etc with no impact on usage style. In other words the offer is to minimize the cost with no impact on usage.

Solution offers view of the usage data in flexible roll-up and drill down of usages and related charges. Besides, customized reporting of usage data essentially addresses any specific needs of the customers.

Recently, the customer took a strategic step and merged with another solution vendor in the Telecom Expense Management space.


Synerzip was hired as the offshore vendor and the only expectation was to complete the coding assignments and report the status, ETA of pipeline on a daily basis. Essentially, the work involved was purely coding. The team was comprised in the dual shore model.

Work content:

The team is responsible for the downstream activity of Extract Transform and Load the carrier invoices pertained to various enterprise customers into a generic form. This whole process is named as “Mapping” carrier billing data to a generic form.

To provide a multi facet view of the usages, ETL categorizes data into various charges such as access charges, usage/overage charges, long distance, roaming, etc. On the other hand, the call details are categorized based on type of calls viz. directory assistance, long distance, toll free, roaming (national/international), mail box. The usage is also broken down into peak, off-peak, long distance, roaming, night and weekend, data packets, two way conferencing (push to talk minutes), etc

Current snapshot

We own the entire “Mapping” development from India looking after the entire mapping development process from design to deploy.

Our daily responsibilities include:

  • Carrier billing data analysis
  • Design mapping solution for any new billing formats needed.
  • Consequent to the merger, design develop and deliver a highly visible project of mapping product integration.
  • Provide production support.
  • Deployments and build management.
  • Design and develop new customized reports
  • Rate plan analysis

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