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Chris David, CEO and David Nayer, COO, Arcade City

About Client

Arcade City builds a ridesharing network. Based in Austin, Arcade City is the world’s first & only peer-to-peer ridesharing network. The ridesharing network is owned & operated by its drivers.

Highlights of the testimonial

“Synerzip team works as a true co-development partner with Arcade City. Plus, Synerzip added value through an interesting business idea – Creating a shared economy using Blockchain mechanism for ridesharing in Austin. In addition to providing the dev team in India, Synerzip provided a local, Austin based CTO to work with client.” – said by Arcade City’s CEO, Chris David and COO, David Nayer.

Remaining key points of the testimonial

  • The drivers can set their rates, riders can choose their drivers.
  • Drivers can earn more money [vs.Uber & Lyft.]
  • Drivers build recurring customer bases that no one can take away from them.
  • In early stages, we are using blockchain to pay drivers in a new way.
  • Truely, it’s part of the sharing economy.
  • Drivers are part of the local community.
  • Compared with other development partners, Synerzip is different – better – great company to work with.
  • Synerzip team feels like an expansion of Arcade City team.
  • Working with Synerzip, people want to be a part of the team. It makes for a more capable partner.
  • The team has vast experience.
  • And bring in interesting business ideas & collaborate effectively.
  • Technical discussions like database structure happen clearly.
  • There is a lateral expertise that brought ideas we may not have thought of doing.
  • The team is integrated so well that working from different locations has a positive effect.
  • Synerzip provided a local, Austin-based CTO who helps with visibility & direct communication.
  • Local CTO helps as product owner + architect & helps advice on guidance with resources.
  • Synerzip’s local CTO, Mike Watson makes smart recommendations.
  • Synerzip partnership helps us understand & analyze Arcade City’s value proposition in the market.
  • The local CTO bridges the leadership & development teams nicely.
  • Having a local CTO adds value for Archade City’s leadership.
  • Synerzip team developed a blockchain mechanism using expertise & thought leadership.
  • It’s a huge comfort to Arcade City, when ramping-up/down is needed, Synerzip team is flexible.
  • The knowledge base is stable & growing within the operating team.
  • Synerzip’s ability to grow with us is a huge benefit.
  • Our partnership enables high quality techonolgy solutions that are on par – if not better – than anyone who’s competing with us.

Industry:  Transportation Network Companies (Ridesharing netowrk, Peer-to-peer ridesharing)

Trending Technology used: Blockchain

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