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Chris Buehler, Co-Founder and CTO, WHRZT

WHRZT provides GPS technology-based weatherproof, rugged and discreet devices to track high-value assets and trailer tracking needs. The user is provided with updates, alerts and notifications (via smartphone or computer) to know the trailer location on a map, along with current status, movement data and last parked data. Rules such as GeoFence compliance can be set.

Synerzip’s Role

Synerzip helped WHRZT from early stage in data storage, server side development and testing, which consisted of user management, subscription based billing management, trailer data management and trailer rule compliance (e.g. GeoFence).

Key Messages

  • Excellent working relationship in terms of personal and technical skills
  • Team accommodates aggressive development schedules
  • Team understands product platform having variety of internal functions, interfaces and backend servers.
  • The teams draws upon past experience to add value to architecture and design work
  • Daily stand-ups help team two way communication for moving forward
  • Time zone difference has worked to our advantage and there is sufficient overlap in schedules
  • Synerzip’s technical depth and overall value is outstanding.


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