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Client Experience Report: Global Supply Chain Transportation

Experience Report:

This client is a global supply chain transportation & enterprise shipping systems software solutions provider for global businesses. Its clients comprise of entities in a wide range of industries with worldwide installations.


Overview & Description

As a true thin-client, the original system included a browser-based robust and multi-tier application for enterprise shipping capabilities and supported small package, LTL (Less than truckload), Truckload and local carriers along with many additional capabilities.

This client had a fully scalable browser-based transportation management system. Scalability included the ability to use a single server that supported fulfillment centers around the world or a separate application server and database servers with multiple CPUs within each server and load balancing across multiple application servers.


The system was originally developed as a multi-tier application using C++/COM/Classic ASP. Synerzip was asked to assist in enhancements, maintenance, customer support and testing these versions of the product line.

In addition, the Synerzip team also was asked to assist in developing a new product line using the latest .Net 4 technologies.

Synerzip contributed in developing this new line from the ground-up, starting from architecture and design to its production grade version(s).

Synerzip has been working with this client for more than a year in the Research and Development efforts for this new line of product.

Delivery & Implementation

Synerzip and the client used TFS as a source code repository. TFS also allowed creation of Agile templates for Tasks/Bugs etc.

Every code check-in triggers the rolling-build of the product. The new build is deployed on a cloud QA server and tested every COB for India as well as the US.

The development was carried out in sprints of typically 2 weeks. At the end of each development sprint, a testing sprint began.

Synerzip was also been instrumental in assisting its client to transact with different Carriers.


C++, .NET 4.0, SQL Server, Oracle, Classic ASP, Javascript, WCF, Unity Dependency Injection, NHibernate, ASP.NET

Project Highlights

  • All the development for the Current production Version in C++ and most of the development for the new .net line of product was done from India.
  • Bug Fixes, Feature additions, new implementations, process etc. were mostly carried out by the India team.
  • We also supported existing client issues on production and collaborated with the client, and supported client staff engagement, as well as with the Customers directly.
  • Developed well documented and easily readable code.
  • Peer-to -Peer code reviews were carried out as part of development cycle.
  • Test automation with SAHI.
  • Build automation with TFS and msbuild.
  • Use of Unity as Dependency Injection Container.
  • Provided API framework for any COM compliant application.


  • Robust multi-carrier shipping system
  • Browser-based & scalable
  • Centralized enforcement and control of business rules and data
  • Improved visibility across the enterprise
  • Rate shopping
  • Configuration & customization
  • Customization

Future Plans

  • To develop the application with the latest .Net 4 and to add more features.
  • Add support for more carriers.
  • Create browser independent UI. Mostly MS Windows Desktop based for customers with small volume shipments.
  • A cloud hosted multi tenant solution.
  • Create a Windows 8 based Ecosystem for the application to support Windows 8 PCs, Servers, Tablet Computers, Mobile Phones and MS Surface.

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