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Cara Murez, Former Release Manager, PMP, Zimbra

Zimbra is an email service providing company, giving an open and unified collaboration platform to its users. It provides an email client and collaboration suite, which together provide solutions for mail, social networking, file sharing, etc.

Synerzip’s Role: 

Synerzip helped them create a native email client on the mobile platform in Android and in iOS space.

Key points:

  • Synerzip was the first company to bring Agile into Zimbra’s development process.
  • Synerzip taught Zimbra about scrums and sprints, and implemented them into their development practices as well as  QA automation.
  • The Synerzip team worked seamlessly with the Zimbra team.
  • Synerzip has a very stable team and is trusted 100% by the Zimbra team.
  • Synerzip team did not require day-to-day hand-holding; regular scrum reviews and sprint cleaning enabled the team to understand requirements.
  • Zimbra learned to follow Synerzip’s Agile processes internally within their organization for success.

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