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Becky Gould, Sr. Mgr Software Engineer – Tangoe

“We have been working with the Synerzip team for over 8 years now. The team is very loyal, hardworking and dedicated to serve us better.  We have individual experts within the team who have daily scrums and operate on minimum guidance. The team is tightly knit and the QA plus Dev team are collocated for maximum output.

They communicate effectively and demonstrate what they have done with ease in our daily team interactions. They stay late, sometimes overtime for handovers, thus managing the time differences effectively. This greatly helps us in saving turn-around time as we do our development activity during the day and they test it and send us the same by our next day.

Synerzip has helped us save a lot of R&D cost and helped us deliver a high quality product, with their “Do whatever it takes to get the job done” attitude.”


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