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Ankur Patel, Founder – OpenSilo

“Working with Synerzip has been an absolute pleasure for us. The Synerzip team communicates well and is very easy to work with our team.” We have daily calls to communicate all tasks and roles effectively. The team has a strong execution capability. It has been great working with them.

What we liked most about Synerzip team is the way they treat our product as their own. After brainstorming sessions, they helped us make certain important decisions. We always take their ideas into consideration and find it extremely valuable to get their inputs.

We manage the time difference by taking daily meetings each morning and evening, and having all team members present for all the conference call meetings.

The time difference is one of the major advantages for us as we can work for 24 hours, so effectively there is 24×7 progress. The productivity rate is 2x, which results in faster delivery. There is also tremendous cost advantage in terms of hiring and growing the team to be productive verses a readymade team. This allows us to focus more on important things.

Our earlier experience with other companies was not as positive. But the Synerzip team is very collaborative and we are very comfortable working with them.

Synerzip is one company that delivers “co –development” to the core!


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