Game Thinking Playbookwebinar

A playbook for building deep customer engagement into your product experience. Leading companies like Disney, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Netflix, and the New York Times have used Game Thinking to design mission-critical products & games – and now you can too. Stop wondering if you’re doing it right; instead, use Game Thinking to zero in on [...]

Underestimated Costs of Microservice Architectureswebinar

With many business success stories, our beautiful software systems can degrade into monolithic Big Balls of Mud. And to fix these kinds of monstrosities, we as developers and architects have begun to reach for microservices as our solution. Beautifully-designed architecture diagrams and org charts clearly show the benefits in terms of coordination, batch size, and [...]

Building Great UX with a Remote Teamwebinar

An engaging User Experience (UX) is a must for your product success. Until recently, building great UX was considered possible only with a highly collaborative and collocated - that is, in the same conference room - team. In this webinar, we will share real client real experiences to prove otherwise. With great collaboration tools and [...]

How can Synerzip Help You?

By partnering with Synerzip, clients rapidly scale their engineering team, decrease time to market and save at least 50 percent with our Agile development teams in India.