Is React the best thing since sliced bread?webinar

Is React the best thing since sliced Bread? Learn more about the React Javascript library and how it compares to popular frameworks like Angular and VueJS. In this webinar, we'll cover fundamentals of the React library, including how state is managed and how to combine it with other popular JavaScript libraries to minimize development effort and maximize your capabilities. Covered in [...]

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning – An Example Implementationwebinar

While Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning are part of the AI family, this webinar delves into Deep Learning and its different capabilities. A Deep Learning model is designed to continually analyze data with a logic structure similar to how a human would draw conclusions. To achieve this, Deep Learning uses a layered structure of [...]

Blockchain Application Development 101webinar

Blockchain, in its most simplified definition, is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered.  A blockchain is a ledger of records arranged in data batches called blocks that use cryptographic validation to link themselves together. Put simply, each block references and identifies the previous block by a hashing function, [...]

Microservices and Containerizationwebinar

Unpacking the containerization trend and its great outcomes in your business. Containers are an increasingly popular technology allowing applications to be abstracted from the environment in which they run. Far more than just an incremental improvement over virtualization, containers are a portable, lightweight solution that promises reduced development time, improved service availability, easier monitoring, and [...]

How and When to do TDD and BDD Togetherwebinar

Let's embrace the power of TDD and BDD driven by business value. For a long time, folks (presenter included) misinterpreted Behavior Driven Development (BDD) as “Test-Driven Development done right,” as Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) with better tools, or as an umbrella term embracing both TDD and ATDD. So, how is BDD really done, and [...]

Dream Teams: Making Your Dream (Team) Come Truewebinar

Make sure we “gel” as a team - become self-organizing, communicative, collaborative - whether co-located or distributed. What differentiates a successful software development culture? Almost all of us have been on a high performance team. Just invite us, and we’ll sign up for another in a second! Typically, it was a team for which we [...]

Lean UX+DevOpswebinar

Continuous Delivery Pipeline to Build an Engaging UX Webinar Agenda: Benefits of Continuous Deployment in delivering engaging UX Problems with monolithic architecture Use of microservices and containers as a solution We often hear about Continuous Delivery and we put it into day-to-day software development. Can we make Continuous Delivery pipeline helpful for building an engaging UX? According [...]

How to be an Unofficial Agile Transformation Catalystwebinar

Agile Catalyst Recording If you've been patiently waiting to be part of an Agile team or wishing that your organization was more Agile than it is, it's time to become an unofficial Agile Transformation catalyst. There's no reason to wait for somebody else to decide to add more Agile to your life, you can start [...]

‘Tis Better to be Effective than Efficientwebinar

Outcome vs. Output Focus for Software Teams Better. Faster. Cheaper. Many IT organizations are constantly seeking the "best" practices that will deliver those characteristics, and the fact that they continue to search indicates they haven’t found them yet. It could be they are looking in the wrong place. Most efforts around achieving better, faster, cheaper [...]

AGILE2017 Conference Top 10 Takeawayswebinar

Bring your thirst for Agile knowledge - and join us for our webinar! You couldn’t make it to the Agile2017 Conference hosted by Agile Alliance in Florida? Missed the Texas LIVE events presented by Synerzip too? Don’t worry! Our Co-Founders, Hemant, CEO, and Vinayak, CTO, bring the key takeaways directly to you during this interactive [...]

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