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Tech Trends & Predictions for 2021

Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 2 PM ET  |  1PM CT  |  11 AM PT


Zipchat is a live informal session where known people in the technology industry discuss trending topics in the world of software development. Additionally, presenters also talk about common challenges and offer solutions. Coupled with the session is a live Q+A session. 


To say 2020 has been unprecedented would be an understatement. Needs took precedence over wants, and some, more than others, fared well simply because their products and services served that need. We hope 2021 will bring a better outlook as the world looks to scientists and technologists to restore world order.

Join a panel of experts and leaders to explore top technology predictions and trends for 2021 to solve the challenges we will face for some time to come. This panel will also share survey responses from leaders across different industries on what they see as critical challenges for them.

We will be exploring and diving deep into and discussing top trends, including:

  • Hybrid Cloud is the winning enterprise architecture – for now.
  • Accelerating digital transformation roadmaps and transitioning to the Cloud for increased scale and better economics.
  • Remote, offshore and distributed teams will be the new norm. Working from home will outlast the pandemic raising the need for better collaboration tools and Agile methods – even in non-technology industries.
  • Hiring, retaining, and scaling talent gains new importance. Skill shortage, productivity management, and employee motivation become real concerns.
  • Cybersecurity moves front and center with technologies and platforms, seeing increased investments and interest.
  • For some, AI goes mainstream and gets democratized at scale. However, many wonder where the journey starts and how they can leverage it rapidly to gain a competitive edge.


So join us from your peloton or grab some popcorn on the couch for this interactive ZipChat session. It’s an open mic, so come with your questions for our subject matter experts!




Mike Watson,  VP of Engineering, Synerzip

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