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While only 10% of organizations worldwide have fully adopted it, DevOps is here to stay!*

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A simple Google search for “DevOps automation” results in a laundry list of DevOps tools. However, the core strengths and abilities of each tool are different. Therefore, almost always, business goals and expected outcomes drive the choice of DevOps tools.

As a result, aspects such as talent availability, associated cost, and time-to-market affect decision making. It is no surprise that companies are struggling to build their DevOps stack. With our DevOps tools infographic, we created a comprehensive list of tools that every DevOps practice can consider worthy of their arsenal.

In this handy infographic, you will get;

  • A list of DevOps tools that you can use for each stage of setting up your practice
  • Quick access to some of the most popular tools that your peers use as they build their CI/CD pipeline

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* Extent of DevOps adoption by software developers worldwide in 2017 by Statista

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