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Sales Professional

The primary role of Sales Professional is sales/business development. He/she is expected to bring in new clients (aka Hunting) that fit Synerzip’s target market focus and to grow Synerzip’s business in current clients (aka Farming).

While Synerzip’s marketing activities help in generating sales leads, this professional is expected to be able to generate their own sales leads, drawing up on their existing professional network and other prospecting activities.

This professional should be able to complete the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to successful close, without requiring much pre-sales support from Synerzip’s engineering team.

This professional should be able to build long-term relationship, based on trust and credibility, with engineering leaders in Synerzip’s target market.

Skills and Experience

  1. Ability to get face-to-face meetings with engineering leaders (VP of Engg, CTO, CEO, etc) of mid-sized ($5M-$100M in Rev) software companies. Demonstrable evidence to support (to be discussed in interview):
    Have worked directly with these people in previous career, Have track record of selling to this target market, Have sizable network of engg leaders w/ deep relationships, Have the industry stature to be seen as a “peer” to engineering leaders.
  2. Have sound understanding of software product development process, common technologies,  Agile and Lean Startup concepts. Demonstrable evidence to support (to be discussed in interview):
    Prior job responsibilities included software development/tester roles, Have been in adjacent roles – project/product mgr, scrum-master, etc., Keep up with technology industry trends and best practices, Passionate about certain specific technology area, Thought leadership stature, w/ blogs, industry conf presentations, etc.
  3. Ability to SELL, especially software development services. Demonstrable evidence to support (to be discussed in interview):
    Have sold software dev services, with demonstrated success consistently, Have sold strategic advisory svcs, preferably to business/engg leaders, Am highly organized, systematic, and driven,  Understand the core concepts for successful sales career, Have ability to handle rejection and still keep up positive sales attitude.
  4. Have familiarity with offshore/India based software services industry, its pluses and minuses. Demonstrable evidence to support (to be discussed in interview):
    Have been involved in a professional situation involving India teams, Have lived/worked in India ,  Have been involved in a professional situation involving other “offshore” software location, e.g. Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, etc.
  5. Ability to work effectively in small company environment w/ limited sales support. Demonstrable evidence to support (to be discussed in interview):
    Have successfully sold when working in smaller companies, Have the ability to do own lead generation – how?, Have sufficient ability to not require a “sales engineer” support.


  • Compensation: Base + Commission
  • Excellent medical & dental benefits, including HSA allowance
  • Flexible, casual work environment, in a cutting-edge, rapidly growing technology services company

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