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Content Innovation Lead

Synerzip is seeking a Content Innovation Lead with 7-10 years’ experience.

Reports To: Director of Marketing

Works with: Brand strategists, demand gen leads, designers, other copywriters, SEO manager; regularly engaged in internal meetings to explore and confirm project scope.


Creates new content, rewrites the existing content or edits and proofreads content. Aids social media team in identifying content for distribution through channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Provides leadership in developing new and unique ideas and methods to increasing content consumption with a focus on enhancing brand presence. Has clear understanding of the objectives of the organization, his/ her target audience, and must develop simple, easy-to-understand, user friendly content while employing good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Responsible for

  • Develop and track KPIs to assess strategic impact of content; refine and optimize content strategy and execution to improve performance
  • Build new pieces of content for lead generation and management—white papers, web copy, presentations, etc.
  • Create, and optimize email copy for marketing campaigns
  • Work with other divisions (e.g. HR, Sales, Support, Engineering) to help ensure that the content strategy and editorial calendar balances internal business needs with audience interests
  • Generate and propose new content ideas based on research and audience insights
  • Contributing to support of current websites
  • Contributing to Synerzip’s best practices; recommending, exploring and implementing better ways to deliver
  • Growing personal and team member expertise through training, exploring and prospecting

Skills and Experience

Bachelors or Master’s degree in journalism or communication and a minimum of 7-10 years’ experience in content development and marketing. Substantial experience writing and editing blogs, newsletters, white papers, case studies, presentations, web copy, press release, corporate internal communication, etc. Understanding of WordPress or other CMS’, rich snippets, Meta tags and content constraints across social channels. Be actively involved in media planning, budgeting and execution. Ability to communicate well with all senior leaders and good time management skills.

Must Have:

  • Strong spoken and written communication and listening skills.
  • Strong vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills.
  • Should be able to narrate stories in B2B context.
  • Firm grip on grammar, spelling and formatting.
  • Understanding of search ranking parameters for content with search engines.
  • Understand the difference in communication styles for geo’s like the US, UK, India, etc.
  • Experience in designing content framework for brands.
  • Understand the process of content curation, aggregation and syndication.
  • Should know content’s role-play in PR and ads space.
  • Be able to assess campaigns for their tone, audience targeting, imagery, impact, etc. from its brief or otherwise.
  • Adept in use of tools like Plagiarism Checker, Google Research, Evernote, SnagIT, etc.
  • Be able to use editing tools like Hemmingway, Headline Rewriter, Content Rewriter, Microsoft Office, etc.

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