"Synerzip’s talented team does tremendously high quality work."

Ryan Downs – Proxibid, CEO, Proxibid

Industry : Online Auction


Proxibid is the most trusted way to connect buyers and sellers of highly valued items; it offers the most secure online platform in the industry.

Highlights of the testimonial

  • Synerzip’s talented team does tremendously high-quality work.
  • The team gets work done, with no drama!
  • Synerzip fills the UX skill gaps – all-around outstanding experience.

Key Points

  • Cost savings
  • Tremendously High-Quality Work
  • No Drama
  • Responsive Team
  • Seamless Experience
  • Fills UX Skill Gaps
  • Stellar UX Team
  • Excellent Demos & Work
  • Team’s Frontend and Backend Expertise Works Well w/ Our Customers
  • Ramp-up with Synerzip
  • Synerzip Helps Business Grow

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