"Synerzip team has been very proactive in building the best quality software, bringing in best practices, and cutting edge innovation for our company."

Peter Swanson – 501 Ops, CEO, 501Ops

Industry : Non-profit
Tech Stack : AWS - EC2, RDS, S3, WAF, Cloudwatch, SNS, Cloudfront. Backend - PHP, Frontend - AngularJS, LAMP stack

The Client

Founded in 2014 by Peter Swanson, 501Ops is an integrated, enterprise solution for nonprofit programs, donors and volunteer management. Peter realized that putting the right technology into practice is what nonprofits need to be more effective. 501Ops supports nonprofit organizations with processes alongside technology to save precious time and resources. By improving data collection, storage, and analytics, 501Ops makes reporting much more comfortable, and ultimately, helps nonprofits drive better outcomes for their noble cause.

The Challenge

501Ops needed help easing their already strained back-office processes. They were facing challenges on the delivery timeline as development was slow due to limited expertise and only a handful of resources. Added to this was the technology overhead, as is the case with most companies since no functional documentation was available to move forward with ease. 

Additionally, they were spending about 150 person-hours each month manually uploading data in Salesforce using CSV files and “Salesforce Data Loader” for different organizations. This operation requires twenty-eight manual steps. This manual process resulted not only in the loss of productive person-hours but also in manual errors. 

Sourcing local resources for their technology needs was challenging and cost-prohibitive. 

The Solution

The Synerzip team took on the project and Peter’s cause with gusto. They analyzed the problems and needs and suggested options for Business Intelligence (BI) tools and processes. The team also looked to improve the existing web application that forms a large part of the 501Ops solution. This web application uses the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), and Laravel as the technical stack. The application is hosted on the Cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services) to save further cost and complexity. 

Periscope integrates the back office application with the reporting tool. This application is hosted on its file-sharing Cloud using Owncloud. For payments, 501Ops chose to use GoEmerchant & Paysafe.

“It’s been a wonderful experience of having the comfort of a robust technical background to help us grow, scale, and serve our clients.”

Peter Swanson, CEO, 501Ops

The Outcome

Synerzip streamlined 501Ops development and deployment processes. Weekly calls helped to understand development status and current business priorities. 

The team created elaborate documents, walkthroughs, and demos, which help the 501Ops team understand the product and its functionalities at a deeper level. The team also lowered the overall cost of ownership of specific tools by improving its usage to further its goals. 

Synerzip also helps 501Ops reduce its cloud hosting costs. The team analyzed services that cause excessive billing and then configured their AWS such that instances would start only when needed. This considerably reduced the cost on a month-on-month basis. 

The team automated specific back-office processes that were repetitive using Robotics Process Automation (RPA), saving 501Ops 150 person-hours per month. In a true spirit of partnership Synerzip team also advises 501Ops on different tools that can help them accelerate their day-to-day operations so they can make informed decisions on tool investments. 

“Synerzip team has been very proactive in building the best quality software, bringing in best practices, and cutting edge innovation for our company.”

Peter Swanson, CEO, 501Ops

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