"The collaboration with Synerzip has been wonderful"

Penelope Elebash – Studer Group, Solutions Leader, Studer Group

“The collaboration with Synerzip has been wonderful.  Synerzip had the benefit of working with similar companies like us, who had software coaching and consulting businesses and this was a definite draw for us. Plus it’s really hard to find talented resources here in the US, so Synerzip fitted the bill perfectly.

Synerzip’s product management team is exceptional and the dev team had a clear understanding of what we wanted to accomplish. The India team has been very easy to work with and there has never been any issue regarding the time difference. The team has always given a consistent performance and never missed a deadline. We are updated regarding the progress with regular weekly calls and status reports.

We recently made a strategic decision and shifted our scope of work, which involved a lot of change. The Synerzip team still responded very quickly and matched with our pace, while delivering.

Other than the cost benefit, the Synerzip team is highly efficient and productive. The Agile methodology that they follow is very important to us and that has really made a lot of difference in our work and for our clients.

We have a true partnership with Synerzip and have had an outstanding experience working with them.”

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