"Synerzip team is professional, motivated and has proven leadership capabilities in business as well as engineering"

Meir Morgenstern – CloudOn, Former VP of Engineering, CloudOn

The Client

CloudOn is a provider of Office Productivity and Collaboration Suite for Mobile and Desktop.

Synerzip’s Role

Synerzip team helped CloudOn refine the interoperability of the LibreOffice Writer with MS Word. They enhanced the LibreOffice open-source libraries, which helped in bridging feature gaps between MS Office (OOXML) and LibreOffice (ODF).

Key points

  • Working with Synerzip has been a great experience for CloudOn.
  • Synerzip was the choice for offshore development as it has a lot of experience in the Office Productivity and Mobility space.
  • Synerzip’s project management and internal processes were very similar to CloudOn.
  • Synerzip puts its clients first and has a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction.
  • Synerzip team is professional, motivated, and has proven leadership capabilities in business as well as engineering.
  • Synerzip has done a good job with automation tools.
  • Outstanding product delivery and exceptional project management, comes from DNA of Synerzip.
  • Synerzip gave us 50% cost savings.
  • Synerzip is a trustworthy partnership.

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