"If there there is an emergency, Synerzip team is on call."

Beverly Droppo – Examsoft, Product Manager, Examsoft

Tech Stack : Programming Languages: Objective C, Swift, C++, Javascript | Tools Used: Xcode, Git, Xcode Server

The Client  

ExamSoft simplifies the way you manage assessment with a one-stop platform for exam creation, delivery, and reporting.

Key Points

  • Working with Synerzip team for 1.5 years.
  • Working on a new iPad application to deliver exams securely.
  • Project had quick turnaround time.
  • Team had 5 months to build ready-to-go product.
  • Product needed to meet functionality that ExamSoft customers expect from the Mac and Windows application.
  • On time and on budget product delivery by the Synerzip team.
  • Team achieved 90% of functionality, remaining 10% to be worked out during beta.
  • Beta testing already showing a strong product.
  • Product quality is strong, no bugs reported that weren’t already known.
  • Team was already ahead and aware of bugs and issues that ExamSoft customers were reporting.
  • The product is very stable, no app crashing or latency.
  • Beta clients are loving the application.
  • Requirements are an important guideline.
  • Conversations are key to help eliminate assumptions and ensure everyone is on same page.
  • Conversations happen when Examsoft grooms tickets and during sprint planning with Synerzip.
  • Requirements are a jumping-off point, but conversations make the difference.
  • Both ExamSoft and Synerzip teams are flexible when dealing with the time zone differences.
  • It’s a give-and-take between the ExamSoft and Synerzip teams coming in early/staying late.
  • Synerzip team time zone overlaps until 10am CST.
  • Synerzip team is very willing to stay later when needed.
  • If there is an emergency, Synerzip team is on call.
  • ExamSoft’s clients are happy with the product and that’s how ExamSoft measures that all is going well.

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