"We have earlier worked with many other offshore companies in Israel, South America and Europe, but found the partnership with Synerzip far more productive than any of others"

Andy Ellenthal – Metal Networks, Former CEO, Metal Networks
Industry : Industrial Goods
Tech Stack : Java 7, PHP, jQuery, Phpmyadmin, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Selenium, SQL, NLP(Gate/Jape tool), AWS Docker

The Client

Established in 2017, Metal Networks is an AI-powered platform that enables metals supply chain, eCommerce, and marketplace adoption. Metal Networks’s marketplace enables quick and efficient distributor-to-distributor (D2D) communication using its patent-pending JAQI® Search technology.

Its Intelligent Quoting software uses fully customizable Configure-Price-Quote technology that streamlines metals distribution sales and fulfilment processes and provides e-commerce capabilities. Its technology has built-in intelligence that optimizes price, workflow, and quote-to-close metrics and targets all metal distributors’ levels across the globe.

The Challenge

Metal Networks needed an application that serves as a bridge between suppliers and customers. In addition to being easy to use, the application had to be reliable and scalable with a robust underlying foundation.

Metal Networks also had a large complex codebase that needed to be worked on without affecting existing functionality while adhering to strict coding standards. They needed to enhance their search functionality accuracy and map the various combinations of their pre-configured search criteria. Additionally, an efficient way to speed up their application deployment and integration and handle large inquiries at any given time was a requirement.

The Solution

Metal Networks partnered with Synerzip to architect, build and maintain this application.

Experienced professionals from Synerzip started re-architecting the application to suit modern needs while developing new features for their legacy application. They refactored the code of Metal Network’s flagship product from jQuery to Angular. The team also converted PHP code to Java 7.

The new application’s frontend was scripted using CSS3 and HTML5. The business layer is coded in Javascript that provides functions containing the business logic for data manipulation. This business layer defines event handlers for the controls, client-side validations, and logic to render data.

Experts from Synerzip also implemented behaviorally and attribute-based ranking for increasing search result relevance using machine learning. Metal Networks could now process large inquiries by implementing lazy loading for rendering the inquiry results at any given time.

To improve performance, Synerzip professionals migrated the client’s infrastructure to AWS and Aurora DB from GCP. They also containerized the application for easy deployment and sped up the search and record processing strategy.

Synerzip also worked with the Metal Networks team to develop an automation framework for automated testing of its legacy and new applications. This framework helps the client in building the infrastructure for continuous integration.

“We have earlier worked with many other offshore companies in Israel, South America and Europe, but found the partnership with Synerzip far more productive than any of others”

Andy Ellenthal, Former CEO, Metal Networks

The Outcome

Metal Networks now boasts an application that is aesthetically modern and features a robust and up-to-date backend architected with proven technologies. It is scalable to meet future business needs and flexible enough to adapt to different market directions.

“Productivity went up post getting valuable feedback from Synerzip”

Andy Ellenthal, Former CEO, Metal Networks

Currently, Synerzip is working with Metal Networks to improve accuracy on price calculations, process large numbers of queries at any given time, and improve search relevance. The team is also working to improve the Cloud application using containerization and tweaks to the UI.


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