Designing And Delivering Highly Scalable And Accurate Presentation Import Web Service

Industry : Office Productivity and Collaboration
Tech Stack
  • Backend : C#, .NET

Synerzip’s client supports more than 200 million users around the world with software that creates visually appealing, fully zoomable presentations, providing the ability to show relationships between the big picture and finer details. The superior presentation helps users organize their thoughts and deliver them in a more engaging manner by amplifying the impact on granular details.

Synerzip’s Role:

The partner needed a way where end customers can easily reuse existing presentations by simply importing PowerPoint files in various formats. Synerzip’s team developed a web service that will import the files, extract contents, and store them on the cloud.

Challenges and Solutions:

The Synerzip team successfully handled this challenge to build a system that is scalable, stable, and which could flawlessly handle large presentations efficiently. The web service swiftly extracted Text, Tables, Images, SmartArt and other objects from the imported presentation and generate a Vectorised PDF of each slide. Synerzip team even built a smart Application Health Monitoring module which ensured auto-recovery in remote cases where the system was overloaded to process files in a few GBs. This web service was successfully deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


This highly scalable and stable Import Web Service was successfully delivered to customer satisfaction accomplishing:

  • Reliable mechanism to import PowerPoint files retaining data and high rendering fidelity
  • The system was unit and load tested with various test data buckets based on ‘Size’ and ‘Complexity’ to eventually offer 30% throughput and performance improvement.
  • A typical run of 25GB data set comprising 10,000 files were successfully processed at a rate of 3 slides per second, without a single failure in one go.
  • All key text entities and all images in a PowerPoint file retained their aspect ratio and rotation.
  • Vectorized PDFs of the entire presentation and each slide offered full zooming without any pixelation.
  • The architecture is scalable to offer best OpEx costs, depending on customer request loads.

Synerzip is helping one of the fastest-growing presentation software companies in the world to import existing PowerPoint files of its end customers to accelerate their user base.

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