Lead/Senior Full Stack Developer. JavaScript.

Lead/Senior Full Stack Developer. JavaScript.

 Skills and Experience

Years of Experience: 7-12 years

Must have skills-

  • Excellent programming skills
  • Experience in Single Page Application development
  • Excellent knowledge of Javascript/CSS/HTML
  • Experience in Angular / ReactJS & NodeJS
  • Good knowledge of Javascript, TypeScript Ecosystem.
  • Good knowledge of Javascript patterns

Good to have skills –

  • Experience in unit testing
  • Building docker images.
  • Experience with NestJS / Express
  • Knowledge of DB & ORM frameworks.
  • AWS/GCP/Azure experience/certification.
  • Worked with GraphQL backend.

Non-Technical Skills –

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Methodical and well organized
  • Familiar with Agile Scrum

Senior Backend Developer


  • Design and development of serverless applications and containerized applications on AWS using various SaaS or PaaS offerings on AWS. (eg. Lambda, Batch, ElastiCache)
  • Collaborate with teams of experienced data scientists, analysts, developers and business experts to build high-performing web applications
  • Assist in support and enhancements of existing applications if required

Skills and Experience

  • Possesses a computer science/software engineer or related degree
  • Has a true passion in areas of performance and parallel + distributed computing
  • Working experience with some of the listed AWS SaaS or PaaS offerings (eg. Lambda, Batch, ElastiCache, Elasticsearch, API gateway)
  • Working experience in .NET Core C# and ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Working experience with development of containerized applications on Docker
  • Experience in Entity Framework ORM and writing SQL against a relational database system (eg. MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Understands and appreciates clean coding principles and design patterns
  • Strong understanding of system performance and scaling. 
  • Demonstrated ability to design and deliver REST services that are performant.
  • Required to be independent, pro-active and extremely keen on learning and picking up new skills on their own
  • Required to have demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team and be an inclusive team player
  • Working experience using an agile development process (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)

Good to Have

  • Experience in single page web application development experience in Angular 4+, CSS, JavaScript and Typescript
  • Experience with Rust and WebAssembly

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