React Technology is a Game-Changer

Our client is a large, technically advanced full-service geospatial solutions provider in North America. They utilize proprietary software tools and applications to create geospatial solutions often delivered in a fully-hosted environment and tailored to provide their clients with a unique portal through which they can better understand and interact with geospatial data.
Business Challenge
The client had a traditional model of web application which needed an upgrade and wanted to develop an offline iPad application for their new customers. Use of this application was to inspect the transmission lines and poles, but in an offline mode. Building and maintaining of the web and iPad application, to enhance its user interface, speed and stability was in itself a challenge, as large volumes of data needed to be statistically analysed constantly.
An iPad application was created initially, however it did not meet the stability and performance requirements. To overcome this challenge, the development team was required to reengineer the application very quickly and add additional features as well. It was a critical stage for the client as the commitments were already made to customers and the release date was near.
What was the client doing earlier?
Previous to Synerzip’s partnership, the client was using Dojo JavaScript framework for web and Native iOS for iPad Application. They also were using .NET framework for the backend.
With this setup, they had to maintain two separate teams for web and iPad development. Any development as well as defects needed to be fixed on both the platforms. Moreover, they needed the development pace to speed up.
Synerzip’s Role
Synerzip analysed the current situation and was able to simultaneously speed up the development pace, meet stability and performance goals and add new features in the upcoming release.
The Synerzip team researched to find solutions and understand the pain points that needed to be alleviated. They made the decision to change the technology stack in a short span of time. They changed the technology to React, from which an iOS application was built.
For the web application, Synerzip team replaced Dojo with ReactJS and replaced iOS with React Native. With this change, the same React developer could work on web application as well as iPad application. So not only could the code be shared across both platforms, the developer’s capacity increased without having to add team members. This helped in resource optimization and also increased the development pace as expected.
Why React?
React is the latest technology, which makes it painless to create interactive user Interfaces. With React, you can design simple views for each state in your application. React has the ability to effectively update and render the right components when your data changes.
React enables the iOS technology evangelists to work on web as well as on iOS/Android applications. This is possible due to the simple code basics and similarity in the code on both platforms. React helped Synerzip to port existing iOS component and features in new React Native iPad Application by using React Native’s Native-Component development. The common JS code was shared between web and iPad application, for example, server communication and data preparation.
With React, the development of the web application, as well as iOS and Android application,was faster and smoother. This enhanced the productivity and stability of the application. Synerzip’s entry into the React arena has opened gates for many clients who want to shift to a better technology for stability, speed and performance. React has many benefits and now it is being widely accepted in the industry.
Synerzip introduced React to its clients. The shift from normal web application programming was a game changer for the clients as well as Synerzip.

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