[Infographic] DevOps Practice Wizard – Tools for Modern DevOps Practice

In 2009, Flickr presented 10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr. It was revolutionary. This started the DevOps (Development-Operations) movement. A few years more, we have a burgeoning ecosystem of tools, both open-source and commercial / enterprise, that can be leveraged to build your DevOps stack.
When we started practicing DevOps for some of our customers back in 2012, we had a huge task in front of us – to map all existing tools in a repo that we can refer to at any point in time. That set us off on a journey that continues till date. To bring together most of the major tools and map it to stages in DevOps.We welcome all to share freely. Please follow these two simple rules:

1) Use our name (@Synerzip) while sharing and include www.synerzip.com/devops-lifecycle-wizard/ for the source.

2) Share the original image and the PDF in its entirety.

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The PDF version of this infographic provides direct links to each product / utility website.

A simple Google search for “DevOps automation” results in hundreds of individual tools. The core strength and ability of each of the tool is different and therefore, almost always, the choice is driven by the business goals and expected outcomes. Aspects like talent availability, associated cost, and time-to-market affect decision making.
The rise of DevOps has introduced new methods of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment (CD). The adoption of CI/CD will provide insights into process changes using tools, which could help the Operations team and the developers to be more successful.
Automation is fun when you know what stacks you need to know to help a product win in the marketplace. This is in no way a complete set of tools available, but the most widely used. Do you think we missed a few that you currently use? Please leave us a comment and we will try to add to our ever-growing list of tools for DevOps.

All Products / Tools cited in the infographic

Infra Platform / Cloud Compute Configuration Management Tools Source Code – Build Tools SCM (Source code manager) Continuous Integration Tools
Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise
In House Infra AWS Ansible (*) Ansible Tower Maven FinalBuilder GitHub (*) Bitbucket Jenkins Bamboo
vagrant (*) GCP SaltStack (*) Chef Gradle   SVN TFS | VSTS Team City AWS CodePipeline
VirtualBox Vmware Cloud Puppet (*) CFEngine ANT   Mercurial AWS CodeComit Travis (*)  
Openstack (*) Microsoft Azure Terraform (*)   Grunt       CruiseControl  
  IBM Cloud Cloudformation   npm (*)       CircleCI (*)  
  Openshift     Cmake | make          
  Rackspace     MSBuild          
  Alibaba     NAnt          
Microservices Artifactory Testing Tools Monitoring Continuous Delivery | Deployment Tools
Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise Open Source Enterprise
Docker CE Docker EE Archiva Nexus Pro JUnit HP UFT ELK Datadog Jenkins AWS Code Deploy
Kubernetes Mesosphere Enterprise Nexus OSS AWS-ECR Selenium Tricentis Tosca Zabbix Splunk Shippable CA Technologies – ARA
Mesosphere Marathon Jfrog (*) GCP-GCR Cucumber Postman Ganglia New Relic TeamCity IBM UrbanCode (uDeploy)
Rancher     Docker-DTR JMeter HP LoadRunner Monit   Capistrano Plutora
        Appium   Prometheus     Release Control
        SoapUI   Grafana     Octopus Deploy
            Zenoss     TFS
            Nagios (*)     ElectricFlow
                  AWS CodePipeline

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