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Thought Leadership in Dallas Innovates Magazine

“Dallas Innovates – The Magazine”…this new annual magazine covering North Texas covers all the game changers in the technology arena of DFW.  This new magazine reiterates Dallas-Fort Worth as an innovation hub.  See below that Synerzip’s CEO has contribute to the thought leadership of DFW’s technology hub.

Here’s the verbiage taken from the publication, but please see below for the PDF.

Synerzip – Leaders in Innovation

In its simplest form, what is innovation to you?

Solving a real business problem, for customers/users; and doing it in an economically viable manner to create lasting value for all stakeholders.

Tell us about your company’s products or services.

Synerzip is an Agile software product development partner to software & technology-enabled companies across all industries. We embrace modern practices such as Agile, Lean Startup and DevOps to accelerate product roadmaps and ensure software quality.

We have expertise in Big Data and Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

How does your company differentiate itself from others in the region?

Three differentiators:

  • First, we exclusively focus on serving early and growth stage technology companies.
  • Second, our DNA is more cutting edge – in terms of latest technologies and modern practices.
  • Third, we are able to leverage our globally distributed talent to deliver innovation in a capital efficient and scalable manner.

How does your company or your team stretch the boundaries of what’s been done, or reinvent itself within the industry?

A core aspect of our company culture is to encourage and support each other in continuous learning endeavors and avoid penalizing for failures.

Innovation comes in many forms – from finished products and processes, to implementation and idea generation.

How would you define your company’s innovations?

For us, innovation happens at two levels: clients’ products, and processes within our organization. Our core innovation is our process of consistently delivering cutting edge software to using globally distributed teams.

What does your team evaluate when looking at new business opportunities or new areas of investment?

Our consistent focus on serving early-stage and high-growth technology companies provides us a constant flow of fresh and innovative ideas from our client work.

How does your company leadership grow, enhance or support the industry in which it serves?

The pace of innovation in the technology industry is so rapid that continuous learning is the only way up. For last several years, we’ve been running monthly webinars, and also hosting in-person events in Texas to share our learnings in Agile software development.

North Texas is home to some of the most cutting-edge and innovative companies in the country. In your own words, what can this be attributed to?

A business-friendly climate in North Texas, an international airport in DFW, a very reasonable cost of living, and over time, some of their employees create new ventures, and the cycle repeats.

How does the region’s access to resources, such as higher education and/or access to capital, impact your ability to compete?

Access to talent and capital is critical for us and our clients in order to thrive in this treadmill of the technology industry; therefore, North Texas is a great choice.

What type of opportunities exist for innovative thinkers looking to join your company or industry?

Disruption is happening at an incredible pace. Need for innovative ideas is constant.

How is technology impacting the needs of your business or those of your clients?

The pace at which technology is changing, our clients and we have to rearm and reinvent constantly. Growing our customer base requires us to be aware of trends and user expectations.

How will the DFW region compete nationally for top talent in the marketplace over the next three years?

Diversity, lower cost of living, great culture and fresh investments will draw top talent and spur the growth in the next 3-5 years.

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