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The Importance of Periodic Application Security Testing

ball in the mazePeriodic Application Security Testing can be simply explained by remembering some childhood memories.

Application security encompasses measures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities.

Do you remember the game we use to play in childhood called “Ball in the Maze” where we had to use the balancing techniques to guide the ball to come to the center of the Maze?

Most of us have played this game at some point in our lives.  But what does this have to do with Application Security Testing?

Today’s Application Security challenges are similar to this maze, and can help simplify understanding the importance of periodic testing.

Layers of Application Security Testing

The layers of Application Security starting from outside to the inner most layer are in the following list:

  • The Client or Attacker Web browser
  • Webserver or Application Hosting Service / Container
  • Application Frontend Code
  • Application Backend Code/Processes
  • Database

Client or Attacker Web browser – Web Browsers like Chrome, IE secure the web browsing by restricting access to system level commands, the attacker cannot use these browsers, so they use web browsers which allows manipulations.

Web Server – Web Server allows the client to communicate with application. If there are no security checks on the web server then the application can come under attack. Web server always has more resources than an application, so using the web server security plugins is always a good option.

Application Frontend Code – If the code running on client web browser is vulnerable, the client browser can manipulate the code on the fly and send it to application backend.

Application Backend – If application backend is vulnerable then the manipulated code may run on backend and it could give access to database.

Database – Database has only username and password for access. If manipulated request comes from an authenticated user, database serves the same.

The Challenge of Application Security

If any one layer 1-4 is 100% secure than the application becomes secure, but there no guaranty! That’s why periodic Application Security testing is required. For more information, contact Synerzip to help.

Application Security Infographic


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