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My Dream of eCommerce 3.0 as a Business Owner

eCommerce is continually evolving as we are now on eCommerce 3.0.  Having been in the eCommerce industry for a “few” years and starting an eCommerce company, I like to think about how the industry will be disrupted again and the changing demographics driving it. Millennial online consumers require seamless, customer-driven experiences by top 500 internet retailers like Macy’s. At the same time, retailers are struggling to keep up with the latest technology innovations and are managing multiple disjointed eCommerce systems. This requires a solution that embraces all facets of online selling- from the web storefront to fast and efficient order management to delivery. Moreover, building trust and loyalty requires offering a shopping experience that delivers that same unbridled experience to customers via their preferred channels, on their favored devices, anywhere in the world.

eCommerce is projected to be a $2.5 trillion dollar industry this year (source eMarketer). So, there is a huge opportunity for an entrepreneur or eCommerce software company to build an on demand SaaS eCommerce platform! The platform would offer the most complete, enterprise cloud-based B2B/B2C infrastructure to help omni channel retailers, eCommerce companies, and manufacturers run their entire business with one, seamless system/interface. This would enable companies to grow their web channel while decreasing business process, information technology complexity, and operating costs.

This über SaaS eCommerce 3.0 solution would provide a full-featured, flexible, and real-time customizable eCommerce platform that automates business operations through built-In Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration with order management systems, fulfillment, delivery, and returns capability.

Businesses would benefit from the following:

1) Fast time-to-market eCommerce platform readiness via on-demand commerce capability.

2) No coding

3) Zero implementation fee

4) Pay-for-performance model based-on x% of customer gross revenue (note: I took poetic license from DemandWare’s pricing model… gotta love it from a profitability perspective!)

5) No contract

6) Risk mitigation – no hardware or package software costs, iron-clad security, stable eCommerce core.

7) Global fulfillment, shipping, and returns (Amazon inspired!)

8) Enterprise scalability – no need to replatform, ever!!!!!!!!

9) Single sign-on and dashboard to manage all services. Bonus round – how cool would it be if this could sit on top or interface with your current eCommerce platform like Hybris, Magneto, ATG, or Websphere!

10) Easy-to-setup, automated data migrations, full interface design customization

11) A-la-carte drag & drop eCommerce Services

12) Social Networking, targeting integration, mobile support

Without a doubt, somebody is probably working on some facet of my Nirvana as I type. I believe we are only in the second act of a three act play and eCommerce will continue to get better-and-better for businesses and consumers. Now, if I could only get it sooner…

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