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Digital Health Influencers Top 20, according to Synerzip

Digital Health is the convergence of the digital and genetics revolutions within medicine and health and it is evolving fast. To keep you on track, here is our list of 20 top digital health influencers.

Synerzip works with multiple clients for varying requirements in Digital Health ranging from native and hybrid mobile applications, patient health management and service portals, business intelligence applications for operational, financial, and clinical decision making, data lakes and data warehousing, and artificial intelligence. Synerzip understands HIPAA compliance and have signed BAA (Business Associate Agreements) with our Digital Health clients. Synerzip can handle your digital health software product development needs.

Infographic Digital Health Influencers - Top 20The goal of digital health is to ultimately improve the quality of our healthcare and our daily lives. By adopting new technologies such as sensors, mobile, IoT, data and analytics, healthcare can become more efficient, cheaper and more accessible to patients and healthcare providers alike.

Global Digital Health is big business and investment in 2017 has started strong with a record $118B and projected to hit $208B by 2020. This trend is set to continue as industry players take an active role in piloting, investing in, and mentoring young digital-health companies helping to bring the innovations to market needed to sustain long-term health outcomes.

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