There’s a reason clients choose Synerzip. Not only do we help them scale their engineering capacity and accelerate their roadmap, we become their long-term partner and trusted advisor. We are one of the few product development companies that can rapidly scale your engineering team, decrease time to market, and save at least 50 percent with our Agile development teams.
We take pride in our teams, delivering high performance, innovating, and collaborating with our clients. Our successes are milestones in our journey.


Our prospects often ask, “What’s it like working with Synerzip?” They want to know:

  • The best ways for distributed teams to work together
  • Most effective ways to collaborate daily, especially when teams sit in different time zones and possibly on different continents
  • Can a product development company understand my product vision and how my customers will use it?

At Synerzip, we work closely with each client to clearly understand their current development, testing, and production practices. Our goal is to work within your existing infrastructure. We suggest that each team has a local development environment.

The distributed teams should share a common infrastructure for effective collaboration in backlog grooming, source code control, etc. Additionally, we see that distributed software teams are becoming the new norm for agile software development. We’ve also noticed several similar practices across our customer base.

The most common configurations entail:

  • Simultaneous Development Environment – Development occurs at Synerzip in Pune, India, and at the client’s location. Typically the entire team works in their local development environment.
  • Shared Test Environment – A cloud-based setup lets the teams work with a shared testing environment. 
  • Managed Production Environment – Typically, production is in the cloud, with virtual machines and virtual servers, or at one of the many managed cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Synerzip’s HQ is in the United States. Consequently, our US-based architects and product managers work on-site with clients domestically and work directly with our software development teams in Pune, India. This dual-shore model eliminates issues, such as time zone differences, and avoids headaches for our customers.

Our cross-functional professionals embody Lean Startup principles. Agile teams with end-to-end capabilities exclusively work with a specific client. Since an employee selects the client project they work on, they remain motivated and produce high-quality work. Plus, we pay well and nurture our talent; hence our clients benefit from low turnover.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on hiring talented people, paying well, and retaining and nurturing our talent. Since the work we do is exciting and involves the latest technology, we benefit from a low turnover. Many of our employees continue being with us since we began in 2004.

Since our employees are our biggest asset, we create an environment where we’re all able to perform at our best, be it working from home or an onsite table-tennis match. We know that happy employees result in great work, so we provide a fun environment, encouraging people to grow in their careers while also providing an appropriate work-life balance.

We take every opportunity to nurture and grow employees by involving them in professional activities beyond their full-time client engagements. Everyone is encouraged to explore new technologies, be it by developing prototypes or participating in conferences.

Our Pune development center

Headquartered in the USA, Synerzip houses its state-of-the-art development center in Pune, India. More than 450 developers at this center deliver technology services to marquee names in the industry.

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